QR-based Track and Trace Solutions

to meet regulatory requirements, prevent counterfeiting, data analysis and customer engagement


In high-volume manufacturing processes, the evolution of traceability-focused printing and image processing technologies offers a straightforward solution to project delays. QriousCodes has developed a QR-based Track and Trace solution that can be effortlessly integrated into packaging materials or printed, allowing a product to be traced throughout its lifecycle.

The USP’s of our Technology are:

  • Future agnostic tech stack.
  • Gold standard of immutability with data to tokenization on block chain.
  • NFT based unique id generation.
  • SaaS model with commoditization of modules.
  • Easy integration with SAP/ERPs, Line Hardware like, Printer/PLC, Rejection System, Inspection System, Bag Counters, Weighing Scale.
  • Web based access for ease of use.
  • Blockchain traceability ensures all the data are secure, unalterable, and transparent.
  • Enterprise customization of web- Mobile app.